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Steering Committee

Ebrahim Abiat
Director of the institute
Mostafa Mohammad Rezaee
M.Sc. in Physics
Chairman of the Committee
Hadi Askari
M.Sc. in Physics
Azad Hosseini
M.Sc. in Physics
Ali Parsafa
M.Sc. in Physics
Iman Khazrak
M.Sc. in Physics
Hamed Amouzegar
M.Sc. Student of Physics
Amir Hossein Saeedinia
Student of Mechanical Engineering
Alireza Motazedian
M.Sc. in Physics
Mehdi Oraki
B.Sc. in Physics
Vahide Kamravafar
M.Sc. in Astronomy
Maryam Khooshecharkh
M.Ed. in Mathematics
Samane Hesabi
PhD Student of Physics
Hojjat Salehin
Mechanical engineer
Ali Khaledi Nasab
PhD Candidate of Physics
Hossein Khandani
M.Sc. Student of Electrical Engineering

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