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About Farabi Institute

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Farabi Institute

Farabi Institute is non-profit organization which aims to bring academic units together and build support for organizations and the people (especially students, teachers and researchers) in Khuzestan province for scientific and educational development. This institute, which is governed by the Board of Trustees, had hired the most experienced teachers and educators of the Khuzestan province to guarantee it will achieve its goals. We are also providing various programs, events, and competitions for different age groups so that every individual person – regardless of its gender, age, educational level, and financial situation – has the opportunity to benefit our services.

 The main focus of our institute is on the issue of enhancing the quality of education, developing awareness, and public education in the state of Iran which is the poorest and least developed province in regards to its education centers. To accomplish this goal, we have created different departments each concentrating on a specific field managed by the best of our faculty, who have shown their capabilities in various projects before joining Farabi Institute. We are proud to exclaim that our faculty members work overtime without expecting a raise in their salary. This proves both their interest and determination which is necessary the development of our institution.

 We are also inviting determined students and researchers to join us as voluntary co-workers. These invitations have been welcomed by the people. Now, we have a lot of voluntary members who are collaborating with the institution; and the number of them is increasing exponentially. These collaborations, of which we are very proud, have had tremendous results in the increase of public education and awareness. Each voluntary member can easily persuade their friends and families to join Farabi and use its facilities and programs.

Administrative Board:

عبیات  رئیس پژوهش‌سرای فارابی
Ebrahim Abiyat
Bahaodin Hazbeyi
Assistanct Director of Educational Humanities
Seyed Azad Hosseini
Assistant Director of Basic Science Educations
Elham Neysi
Mostafa Mashemshavi
Assistant Director of Financial and Administrative


Mostafa Mohammad Rezaee
Assistant Director of Research and Technology



1. Peace 8. Mathematics 15. Festivals and competitions
2. Physics 9. Nanotechnology 16. Counseling and Psychology
3. Robotics 10. Arabic Learning 17. Art Education and Handicrafts
4. Literature 11. English Learning 18. High Performance Computing
5.Chemistry 12. Physical Education 19. Collaboration with Universities and Industries
6. Astronomy 13. Physiology or Medicine
7. Economics 14. Environmental Protection

Karoon Studies” branch: A subset of Environmental Protection department”

Cancer Prevention” branch: A subset of Physiology and Medicine department”