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Collaboration with Universities and Industries

[Mohammad Moradi Aval, M.Sc. of Civil Engineering, Head of Department]

One being asked what a learned man without practice resembled, replied: ‘A bee without honey. “Sheikh Sadi”

According to the international statistics, with regard to science production, Iran places in 23rd worldwide, however with respect to the applying the science Iran has been ranked as 94th country in the world. It means that we have knowledge, although we cannot make use of it properly for welfare and development in our society.

Department of collaboration with industry and university aims to reach the educational and research purposes and has wide variety of plans as below:

  • Scientific visits: with regard to participants in our institute that are students, visiting of industrial and scientific centers is one of the most important plans in order to increase the interest of this age group to the industry, as they can be familiar with their interest for choosing their major and field of study in future. Additionally outstanding creativity of students can help industries, since students always give and produce extraordinary approaches and solutions.
  • To orient university students’ thesis toward the needs of industries: collaboration between scientific centers and industries can solve the problems of industries, improve the quality of productions and services, and turn the wheels of economy faster and safer. Hence targeted thesis related with our industries’ requirements are noticed here.