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Notice: Every website consists of two general parts; dynamic and statics. News and daily updated posts are categorized in dynamic part; so are the contents of each department. On the other hand, static segment of a website consists of parts which are written once and in general won’t be updated again (unless there’d be a need). For instant, introduction of faculty members, departments and their aims and the institute itself are some examples of static parts.

Farabi Institute’s website provides its audiences with 3 languages (Arabic, English and Persian) in static parts so they can get familiar with the institute and its aims and goals and also give them the opportunity to have a better knowledge of departments and their faculty members. At this time we are not posting dynamic updates in English and Arabic and the dynamic posts are only available in Persian. We are doing our best to provide our audiences with a completely three-language website in the near future.

In order to get more familiar with each department’s aims and programs, click on their names

1. Peace 8. Mathematics 15. Festivals and competitions
2. Physics 9. Nanotechnology 16. Counseling and Psychology
3. Robotics 10. Arabic Learning 17. Art Education and Handicrafts
4. Literature 11. English Learning 18. High Performance Computing
5.Chemistry 12. Physical Education 19. Collaboration with Universities and Industries
6. Astronomy 13. Physiology or Medicine
7. Economics 14. Environmental Protection


Karoon Studies” branch: A subset of Environmental Protection department”

Cancer Prevention” branch: A subset of Physiology and Medicine department”