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[Akbar Movahed, M.Sc. of Physics, Head of Department]

Recent researches in the field of Nanotechnology had led us to have a comprehensive knowledge of its great potential. It can be said, undoubtedly, that after The industrial Revolution and Information Technology, Nanotechnology is the greatest and most important breakthrough in science of our time.

Nanotechnology is the science of material engineering in molecular scales (or to be more precise, in nano scale) in order to produce products with higher efficiency and more applicable properties. It is noticeable that Nanotechnology applications are widely used in other aspects of science; therefore, Nanotechnology has a great influence on other field.

Here at the Nanotechnology department of Farabi Institute, we pursue the following policies:

1. Making connection with authentic and reliable nanotechnology research centers around the world.

2. Defining research projects in the field of Nano for students and teachers in order to keep them up-to-date and make them familiar with new aspects of science.

3. Participation in workshops, conferences, competitions and festivals along with presenting scientific papers.

4. Establishing a contract in order to be able to use laboratory facilities of other institutions and universities.

5. Holding workshops and courses in the field of nano.