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Physics Department

[Seyed Azadi Hosseini, M.Sc. of Physics, Head of Department] 

At the moment the information explosion era of science on human society opens a new door. The concern of education, including teachers, students arrangements for dealing with the development of a changing world and how to explain and respond to issues and problems that may arise in the future for them. Now the question is how education and teachers equipped to teach students the vast amount of information and knowledge in an appropriate way. So it seems that one of the main methods instead of transferring data to memory children is practical training; in other words, in order for students to have acceptable performance and store information in their memory, they should achieve an opportunity to change and evolution, therefore it requires using active methods of learning and practical activities.

Hence, the Department of Physics at Farabi Institute could improve the practical and theoretical activities regarding with great potential of its faculty members. As our main targets are:

  • Development of practical skills
  • Adaptation of theoretical learning with practical learning
  • Preparing students to participate in provincial and national competitions
  • The simple and attractive design of experiments
  • Exhibitions

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