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[Maryam Khooshecharkh, M.Sc. of Mathematics, Head of Department]

Mathematics has been always considered as one of the most important fields of study in our country, Iran. It has been given a very special position among other fields of study; the recent Fields Medal winner –Prof. Maryam Mirzakhani- who is an Iranian mathematician is a proof of this fact.

Therefore, we are obligated to try to reinforce and strengthen mathematics programs in schools. The fundamental question is what to do in order to push the students to make progress in this field? And how educational programs must be redesigned?

Here in Mathematics Department of Farabi Institute, we are putting our all strength in finding and examining the best answers to these questions. Our main proposes is to:

  • Teach students to valorize mathematics.
  • Educate students to have slef-confidence in their own capabilities in doing math.
  • Train them to argue mathematically.