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Call for chant of International Year of Light

[Mostafa Mohammad Rezaee, M.Sc. of Physics, Researcher]

We invite all of the school principals from all over the world to participate in our announcement for providing a video clip of students’ voice to celebrate International year of light. In order to make this plan work, students must rally in the yard of school to yell “International year of Light” loudly and harmonically. Please make sure that the length of video must be no more than 10 seconds. Obviously, the video should be recorded from the first floor or the roof of the school building.

Why International year of light? Extensive developments of optics and photonics have changed the human life. Growing revolution of medical imaging, causing to increases the accuracy in treatment and a huge descend in the financial costs of casualties. The internet, a symbol of communication via satellite performance and fiber optic, has converted the past mysterious world to the small village and made the human relationships more beautiful.

The increasing use of solar energy as the best and cleanest energy, promises happy future for our beautiful planet. These developments have convinced the erudite and scholarly scientists to focus and invest on swifter progress of optics can plummet the living costs of mankind life. Hence On 20 December 2013, the UN General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015). We are hoping it would be able to open the doors for better life of human being.

Target: the chief aim of this plan and celebration of the International Year of Light, is to be synchronized with modern world and to introduce the importance of light and light-based technologies to our students. We are hoping to expand the knowledge in this field, encourage youth to study in this prosperous field of science, and persuade our politician and legislators to consider and invest in this field.

Advantage: All the clips which have acceptable caliber, will be eligible to be sent to the UNESCO. These contributions will be submitted with your organization name.

How to submit videos: All principals should send their clips’ file to the or

The title of email: Chant for International Year of Light + School’s name

Email contents: School’s Name, Phone No., School’s Email (if applicable), Website of Weblog (if applicable), full name, phone #, and email address of the principals.

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